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In 1969, photojournalist, Dallas Kinney, began a two-and-a-half-month migration to visually document the men, women, and children of this nation's oldest migrant farm worker "stream."

For his efforts, Kinney was awarded a 1970 Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism, and the first annual "Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Journalism Award. The Pulitzer Prize was the first awarded for a series of photographs.

What follows are the results of Kinney's Visual Voyage into the lives and spirit of a proud people, published via an eight-part series for the Palm Beach Post, entitled "Migration to Misery."
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Guestbook for Migration to Misery
Andrejs Ozolins(non-registered)
thanks so much for making this available. a privilege to view your work.
Ken LaValley(non-registered)
Dallas, I saw some of this in a P.B. Post story today. Images that hurt!
Annette D(non-registered)
This is a true insight - I live reasonably close to this area and am always moved by seeing photos of how it really was.
Bill Hutcheson(non-registered)

This time photo 38 grabbed me-- such a far away look for one so young!
Quentin Woomer(non-registered)
Dallas, Thank you so much for documenting this country's post-Emancipation Proclamation economic slavery which continues to the present, even though things clearly have gotten better. Also, thank you for making your photographs so accessible through this website.
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